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Oral Devices for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Oral appliance therapy is proven by research to work when an experienced, highly trained Sleep Medicine dentist makes the appliance..


A more convenient and comfortable solution when compared to the CPAP machine. An oral appliance for sleep apnea is similar to a custom-fit mouthguard. It prevents the tongue from collapsing during sleep, thus allowing patients to achieve proper airflow to the lungs. You can take your oral appliance anywhere. It’s small and compact, so you will not have to worry about traveling with a traditional CPAP machine. Oral appliances are cost-effective. In some cases, insurance will cover the cost of an oral appliance treatment. Speak with our team about your options during your next appointment. Oral appliances are less intrusive than other forms of sleep apnea treatment. You can comfortably and discreetly put on your oral appliance without sacrificing your quality of sleep.


NO. The Material and method of fabrication process between Night guard, TMJ Occlusal splint, Snoring Stop device, Orthodic device, Oral Sleep Apnea device are in great different, although they looks similar in some way. FDA and MediCare set the regulation for approved Durable Medical device for Sleep Apnea use. After Philip CPAP device got recall, There is more Sleep Apnea patient chose Oral Sleep device as their alternative and back up for travel use.

An oral sleep apnea appliance should generally open the airway, relax the jaw muscles, and allow you to breathe comfortably throughout the night. There are many devices available, but we only choose the most effective one for your needs.

San Diego EZsleep EZSmile Dental Sleep & TMJ works with various vendors and will change our oral appliance options as science and technology evolve. We will only offer our patients what we consider to be the “best of the best”.

About Our Clinic

At San Diego EZSleep TMJ, Apnea, Dental Implants and Braces Therapy in San Diego- "EZSmile®" Dental Care, our mission is to create naturally beautiful smiles while enhancing our patients overall well being by using the latest dental technologies and suggesting a dental diagnosis that makes sense for the individual patient.

Our practice does the best to listening to the oral concerns of our patients and lists out the best possible solutions to create a clear and consise dental plan to give our patients and understanding of their treatment options.

As a private dental practice we cater for the entire family, ranging from adults to children alike.

Please call our San Diego EZSmile Dentist Today for your Adult and Children in Orthodontics, TMJ, Breathing and Sleep Apnea, Implants, Sedation and Preventive needs at (858) 689 - 6088 for an appointment.  Ask for our EZ club membership to start your saving today.


Our Services

  • Lowest Radiation CBCT Green Technology

    CBCT technology allows us to access your airway and plan complicated implant surgery virtually using software. We can then translate that information into a "surgical guide". This Guide allows us to place the implants EXACTLY where we planned them on the software. As a result, the accuracy in placing implants increases dramatically. Time and after-effects of a typical surgical procedure are significantly reduced.

  • "EZSmile®" Implants Concept for crowns& bridges and Fixed Dentures

    The All-on-4® teeatment concept is a minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction. Developed by Dr. Paulo Malo in 1998 for almost 20 years of world-wide acceptance. Dr. Shih perfected the procedure with EZSmile concept. The"EZSmile®" implant treatment concept is a cost-efficient, minimal invasive solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery. Characteristics include: Full-arch rehabilitation with only four to six implants. Usually two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior for qualified patients. Immediate Function (fixed provisional bridge). For patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implants. Under Minimal Invasive or Graftless procedure, Possible Bone grafting is avoided by tilting the posterior implants, utilizing available bone when condition is allowed.

  • Prolotherapy and "EZSmile®" Sinus Lifting Graft

    Although sinus lifting has been shown to be very predictable with success rates greater than 90%, patients can be somewhat reluctant to accept this procedure due to expense and time. We adapt newer technology, such as Prolotherapy growth factors (also called proliferation therapy, is a well-known injection based treatment used in chronic musculoskeletal joint conditions or skin rejuvenation. It has been characterized as an alternative medicine practice), and noninvasive techniques, such as internal osteotome sinus lifts with sinus implant and/or simultaneous implant placement (immediate implant therapy), have decreased wait time and increased case acceptance with great success.

  • Invisalign® and "EZSmile®" Braces

    "EZSmile®" Orthodontics that uses combined Bioefficient technology with Bioengineering advancement and can greatly reduce the sensitivity and shorten your treatment time to 3-7 months. This Orthodontic fast braces technique could mean potential saving to patient of their time and money. Even just by Bioefficient technology alone can reduced the treatment time by half, that is about 6 to 11 months. In our office, we are not only offer clear and fast braces options, we are also one of Invisalign providers in San Diego. It is a prefect fit for patient requires fast clear choice without braces. Althogh Dr. Shih is not an Orthodontist practice in San Diego, his Shismart technique has helped many of his patients to gain the smile they desired. Propel V-Pro5 is commonly used in this technique.

  • Dental Aesthetic Art and Laser Dentistry

    From subtle changes to major repairs, you can choose a variety of procedures to improve your smile. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. Procedures like teeth reshaping, closing spaces, restoring worn dentition and teeth whitening. These improvements are not always just cosmetic. Many of these treatments can improve oral health, such as your bite.

  • Veneers and Periodontal Gum Reshaping

    If your gums rest too low or too high on your teeth and you are unhappy with your smile, you may be a candidate for gum contouring surgery. Also called gum reshaping or tissue sculpting, this cosmetic dental procedure can even out an uneven gum line and give you a smile you can be proud of. Combined with veneer treatment, our patient enjoy their new younger look smile for the life time.

  • Laser TMJ Treatment and Sleep Apnea No CPAP No Surgery option Therapy

    Oral appliances (not CPAP) are recommended as First-Line Therapy During COVID-19 Pandemic We offer wide range of Proven Oral appliances and accepted by Traditional MediCare and many Medical insurances as a durable Medical appliance covered benefit. In San Diego EZSmile Sleep Dental Clinic, we offer non-surgical alternative and options for C-PAP non-tolerant Sleep Apnea patients.



The last two years were the best years of my life. Your devotion and profession cure my long-delayed teeth problem. I am no longer afraid of smiling. No words can really show my appreciation.

Y.Y. Carlsbad, CA

"Hello, my name is Kersi. I go to Rancho Bernardo High School. I've only had my braces on for one year and a month. All of my friends have to have there braces on for two years. I had to have my braces on for eleven months less than everyone else. The staff there is very friendly and nice to others. At other dentist offices, they said it would take 24 - 36 months until I could get my braces off. I am glad we went here because they cut how long I had to have braces in half."

Kersi W. San Diego, CA

"Hello, my name is Gary. I have been a patient of Dr. Shih for more than 20 years. I have been diagnosed moderate to severe Sleep Apnea and been wearing CPAP for a long time. Finally, I decided to try Oral Sleep appliance as it was recommended by Dr. Shih. It is what a relief of my life. I should have done it earlier. People like me don't like wearing CPAP, you should get it, too."

Gary J. San Diego, CA

"Hello, my name is William. I am a project manager in my company and I have been a patient of Dr. Shih since I am a child. No only Dr. Shih did my Ortho but he also help me with an oral Sleep appliance for my diagnosed moderate obstructive Sleep Apnea because I cannot tolerate the masked CPAP machine. Dr. Shih carefully made the appliance with precise impression. I am surprised the appliance just fited in right without further adjustment needed. Dr. Shih you are the greatest."

William S. San Diego, CA

I saw Dr. Shih for my gum problem many years ago and I do not have an embarrassing smile anymore. I still have all my teeth; apart from one tooth. I had the bad tooth removed and Dr. Shih replaced it with an implant 5 years ago. I love my new tooth. He is the best dentist I've known.

Mei C. San Diego, CA