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We are a boutique local Dental office located close to La Jolla and San Diego US Marine Corp Miramar base.

You can easily find our office either you come from I-5 or I-15. If you come from I-5 or La Jolla, you can take La Jolla Village Drive, go East straight and it will become Miramar Road. We are two minutes drive on Miramar Road and on your left. If you come from East side of I-15, we are also two minutes after you get off freeway and we are on your right.

Parking is at the back of the building. So, you will need to make a turn from Miramar Road to Cabot Drive and then make your parking.

Why Choose Us

  • Our office is a lecture-free, guilt-free zone!

    Our great staff is here to help you relax and get the care you need, not lecture you or guilt you into a procedure. Whatever the condition of your mouth, you are treated like family at 1st In Smiles!

  • Convenient Hours and Same-Day Emergency Care

  • Sedation Dentistry and Comfortable Amenities

    Are you afraid of the dentist? Whether it’s from a bad dental experience, horror stories you’ve heard, fear of pain, or fear of embarrassment or being lectured, our San Diego, CA dentist offers you sedation dentistry for an anxiety-free, pain-free visit. Dr. Shih is certified in conscious sedation and offers oral sedation and free nitrous oxide sedation. If you are very anxious, have a bad gag reflex, or require a deeper level of sedation, we can offer IV sedation.

  • Advanced Technologies

    Our San Diego office offers some of the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry. Such as, Digital X-rays: Our high-tech full panoramic machine lets us take incredibly clear images of your mouth to help us accurately diagnose your problem. Unlike traditional X-rays, these are quicker and safer because they expose you to far less radiation. IntraOral cameras: These cameras allow us to show you what’s going on in your mouth in real time. As we move the small, pen-like camera around in your mouth, you’ll be able to see the picture enlarged on a monitor. This magnification also allows us to catch some problems that we couldn’t see otherwise so that we can quickly diagnose and treat you. Cavitron Prophy-Jet: This no-drill system allows us to remove plaque and clean and polish your teeth with just air, water, and a baking soda or other mildly abrasive solution. It’s more comfortable for you and helps protect your tooth structure.


Our Staff

Our Patients Say

"I have always been happy with my treatment from Dr. Shih & his staff. When I first came to the office I needed a great deal of work. Dr. Shih worked out a plan to take care of the most serious matters first & work on the less serious matters later. I look forward to taking care of all my dental issues so I can start to focus more on the cosmetic issues. I would gladly recommend Dr. Shih & his staff to any of my friends & family."

Maureen C., San Diego

"Hello, my name is Kersi. I go to Rancho Bernardo High School. I've only had my braces on for one year and a month. All of my friends have to have there braces on for two years. I had to have my braces on for eleven months less than everyone else. The staff there is very friendly and nice to others. At other dentist offices, they said it would take 24 - 36 months until I could get my braces off. I am glad we went here because they cut how long I had to have braces in half."

Kersi W., San Diego, CA

"Thank you for giving me an opportunity to experience the Waterlase technology during my last visit to your office. Not only did the cavity fill quickly, the whole procedure was simple and painless. This is definitely a worthy replacement to the traditional anesthesia shots and drills. I'd happily recommend this to anyone who showed fear in dentist's office."

George C., San Diego

"I had a terrible experience in the past with a dentist and my sister convinced me to see Dr. shih and Associates. I now look forward to my appointments. Dr. Shih and his wonderful associates not only perform excellent work, but treat me with the utmost kindness and patience. I have had Invisiline for seven months and the difference in the alignment of my teeth is nothing short of a miracle. I wouldn't trade Dr. Shih for any other dentist. Thank you Dr. Shih!"

June O., San Diego