What We Offer

  • All in One Shop

    From regular dental hygiene care vist to complicated full mouth reconstruction, our team provide comprehensive full range dental treatment here in our office. Your no fear dental experience will tell you that you come in to the right dental office.

  • CBCT Scan

    Our office is equipped most advanced green technology that allows us to get the sharpest radiographic image yet minimal exposure, even is allowed on pediatric patients and approved by FDA.

  • PRF and PRP Growth Factors

    Besides PRP (platlet rich plasma) gold standard to extract stem cells from patient's own body, our office is also equipped with A-PRF and L-PRF centrifuge to cover the need of most challenging cases in dental implants surgery and in facial esthetics.

  • We Guarantee Our Work

    Not thing is forever even your born teeth, the hardest structure of the whole body. We strive to use the best material and artistry to re-build a new smile. With proper use, you are going to enjoy our work for a ling time.

  • Ready to make a change?

    You can only make the change when you call our office now. We will provide you options and you decide what do you want for your dental treatment. Call or text a no obligation consultation with our helpful staff online today.

  • Winning Smile Lasts for Life Time

    Winning smile starts from your first day coming to our office. It is the only goal when you see our experienced team members. You tell us what you want and we will tell you what you need and show you a way how to get you there. The process might take some time but once you get there, winning smile is your smile.

Services Overview

The Cost of Dental Implants?

If you’re wondering about the cost of dental implant treatment, you’re not alone. That’s often one of the biggest questions patients have at their consultation. Truth is, everyone’s circumstance is different—so the cost of dental implants does vary. The best way to get an accurate idea of what your dental implants will cost is to come in for your consultation. Our all-in-one approach helps to keep the cost of dental implants as affordable as possible. By housing your entire team, the precision medical equipment and the lab in one facility, you only have one location to visit. This approach is not only extremely convenient and less stressful, it’s also an excellent way to pass savings on to our patients.

Payment Options for Treatment

EZSmile is proud to be a part of each and every life-changing patient story, and we understand that this is a major decision. We have financing options available for patients who qualify, and we are dedicated to helping you find a way to afford treatment. We take Cash, Debit card, Credit card, Cashier check, CareCredit and we accept various Medical and Dental insurances payment. If you are unsure if you can afford treatment, don’t let fear keep you from getting the facts. Schedule a free second opinion today so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you.

No Mask, No Surgery Alternative for Sleep Apnea

EZSmile (J. Richard Shih, DDS, INC.) is a qualified Federal and State MediCare Medical Durable Medical device provider to provide MediCare approved Oral Medical device for VA, Disability, Worker's comp and for many Medical insurances. We also offers different financing options. Many patients qualify for financing, and our Patient Education Consultants help them discover ways to fit the cost of dental implants, Medical durable appliances into their budgets. At your free second opinion, you will discuss all of the options available to you. We often tell people not to let the cost of treatment hold them back from changing their lives. As Sleep Apnea is a live or die medical condition. A new healthier, happier smile may be closer than you think—and it’s definitely worth a visit to EZSmile to find out more.

Sedation for Your Comfort

We have in-office Board-Certified anesthesiologist when you need extensive work and we also provide Nitrous and oral sedation for the work only need a short time. Our office also has message chair to relax you that make your dental visit like going to a Spa.

Computer-guided Surgery

Computer technology is everywhere in our world. You can benefit from using this computer-guided navigation to place your dental implants. Please discuss this option when you consider that you might be a candidate.

Function and Esthetic

You come into a dental office. You expect the best. The best for your own health, the best for your own look and best for your own limited buldget. Fuction and Esthetic are the two keys to lead to a successful dental treatment. We can always customize our work to meet with your specific request, because we understand our patients' need.